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Gideon Aran: Paradoxes Of Ultra-Orthodox Success

As Haredim testify proudly, the peak of their many achievements has been the construction of a ‘Torah world’: the realization of the ideal of yeshiva study. During the eighties and nineties of the last century, the Haredim were aptly defined as a ‘learning community’, where almost all men are full time students at Torah academies.

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Gideon Aran is a professor of Sociology & Anthropology at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He studies both religion and extremism, and particularly their intersection, in Israel, in past and present Judaism, and in comparative perspective. Aran's research is based mainly on ethnographic fieldwork. In recent years his writing and teaching focus on fundamentalism, sects, cults and radical groups, religious violence, terrorism. Aran's forthcoming book concerns suicide bombing, especially in the Middle East. 
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The psychology of religion has been dominated by issues of measurement. Not only have psychologists of religion long recognized the importance of good measurement and have

The above is in contrast to the state of the art in the sociology and anthropology of religion. The issue of religious measurability in disciplines still inspired by Weber and Durkheim is in need of further empirical research and conceptual refinement. placed a high pioity on it.

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Israeli public and decision makers - Gideon Aran

The Haredim who settled in Beitar Illit, the Russian immigrants from Ariel or the Middle-East Jewish decedents who settled in some of the Gush Katif towns designated for further development didn’t necessarily possess the same exact political consciousness people from Gush-Emunim had. Moreover, they didn’t necessarily share their ideals and yet the GE block played a key role by providing the spirit and the energy they needed as well as the moral and practical leadership and also by serving as their de-facto representatives in front of the Israeli public and decision makers. 

Gideon Aran - Where the face of religious Zionism ?

Check In : Where the face of religious Zionism ? Is integration into society or even the leadership ? Or perhaps isolation and seclusion of review now ? The struggle between the trends which have not yet been decided . Involvement and influence of religious Zionism fundamental questions of society and the state are far outweighed by the relative size . Thus the character and Lhcrotih important impact on the future of democracy in Israel.